Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium (C/TPA)

Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium (C/TPA)

We have created a special program to help you comply with DOT 49CFR for Federal Motor Carriers (FMSCA). Under which organizations with multiple employees and owner-operators are required to undergo random testing for drug and alcohol use.

  • The cost of the program is $199 per year for any company, regardless of the number of employees.
  • DOT drug tests with full MRO service are $79 each.
  • EBT alcohol tests are $79 each.
  • Payment is made by credit/debit cards

We are passionate about helping our clients stay on top of their drug and alcohol program requirements. We do this with a simple yet effective approach that will keep you compliant, without any hassle or confusion.

After paying for our program, you can simplify the process of testing and verification. Any charges will be paid by debit/credit card if you use one of the 18,000 testing centers within a particular network. The cost is $79 for an alcohol DOT test and $79 for a DOT drug test.

On the website, you can manage your accounts and make payments online. Every month, unpaid invoices will be automatically debited from your account. You can add or remove drivers and also view their current status using your personal account. 

If a driver has been registered with a drug testing consortium within the last 30 days and a negative drug test is registered, then the driver must be added to the testing consortium immediately. Otherwise, the driver needs to do a drug test in order to be added to the consortium.