Educating Your Employees About The Random DOT Drug And Alcohol Test

When your employees are called for a random DOT drug test, they will be instructed to go to their nearest collection facility /center. There are DOT compliance drug testing centers for these tests across the country in every state and they are equipped to conduct every type of tests whether for pre-employment or reasonable suspicion or the random routine test one has to go through. There isn’t much that they have to do in order to successfully complete the random DOT drug and alcohol testing program. The entire process is strict but quite simple to adhere to.

Going To The Collection Site

All your employees after having arrived at the site of the test will be required to provide the professionals with their sample. Not doing so will be construed as a “refusal to test.” Other than this everyone appearing for the test is also required to carry a valid ID with them to confirm their identity prior to giving their sample.

Urine Sample Will Be Taken

Everyone appearing for the test is taken to a secure collection site and before the sample is taken they are guided to lock away all their belongings except their wallet. Water is kept turned off and all the cleaning supplies products/fluids are secured. The test taker is given complete privacy to deposit their sample unless it is a return-to-duty or follow-up test where direct observation is required.

Sample Preparation

After having given the sample the individual is required to hand over the container to the collector. Then the sample is split into two containers and sealed with tamper-proof tape. The individual needs to observe this process and then sign on each tape before they leave. The urine sample ideally should never leave their sight during this entire process.

Your Contact Information

The name and date of birth and the contact information of the person/employee taking the test have to be verified before they leave. This is to make sure that their assigned Medical Review Officer (MRO) is able to get in touch with them to throw light upon and discuss their test results if and when needed.

Receiving The Results

After completing the collection process the collection center personnel will send their sample to a lab for analysis. The results will be conveyed directly to the MRO for review. If the test comes out negative, it will be conveyed to them as the MRO pleases. He will however get in touch with the individual to discuss the result if it comes out positive and also talk at length about their recent medications and /or other possible reasons for a positive test in their DOT physical exam.

You Need To Educate Your Employees About Their Rights

In case they get a positive result on their sample, they can request a second test. The second test will be done using the second half of the sample collected in the other bottle of urine prepared at the same time they had given the sample before. They should remember to make this request within 72 hours of talking to the MRO about their test.

What Happens When You Can’t Provide A Sample?

There might be instances when the individual is not able to provide the minimum required 45 ml of urine to the center. In that case, the individual is asked to remain there until they are able to provide them the full sample. They will be allowed to drink plenty of fluids to prepare for the second collection attempt. In case they are still not able to provide them with the sample, a proper medical evaluation will be done to determine the reason for the same. In absence of any legitimate reason for the inability to provide the sample, they’ll be given a refusal to test. For more information and insights on DOT compliance services and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, visit DOT Compliance Group today!