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DOT Compliance Group LLC was founded by a group of DOT compliance and IT experts to serve the trucking industry with an automated and affordable program to meet Federal drug and alcohol testing requirements. We are what is known in the trucking industry as a Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Our mission is simple: to keep you and your drug and alcohol program DOT compliant with a simple yet effective program that is easy to operate and maintain.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy in accordance with requirements of 49 CFR PART 40 and 49 CFR PART 382 requires that active drivers must participate in random screening of a minimum of 50% drug testing and 10% alcohol testing each calendar year. We offer an effective solution to help you meet this requirement.

Years of experience in DOT supervisor training lead us to develop this online program whereby a Designated Employee Representative (DER) or Owner Operator may log in and manage drivers, view test results, make payments, and much more.

Each month a group of drivers are randomly selected from our pool for testing. In addition, tests may be required by the DER for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, or follow-up testing. You will receive a statement each month and you may pay automatically by credit, or debit card, or if you prefer, you may make payments by mail.

We look forward to earning your trust as our customer, and saving you time and money compared to alternative solutions for DOT compliance.